HITS' Function

HITS' Function


Research Department

Both conduct psychiatrists and clinical psychologists conduct practical research on mental health at HITS.

Training & Lectures

HITS conducts training seminars for individuals active in fields such as health, medicine, and social welfare. The goal of “Basic Training” seminars is to deepen knowledge and understanding of mental health issues, while “Specialty Training” focuses on specific areas treatment methods.

Clinic & Counselling

HITS offers specialized counselling for mental health, and also operates a treatment clinic

Information on Traumatic Stress

HITS collects the latest information on traumatic stress both domestically and internationally, and along with its own research results, disseminates this information to the public. Other activities include:

Liaison & Networking

Liaison with other organizations involved in mental health in order to create a broad network.

Hyogo Human care college

HITS and Hyogo Prefectural Government co-host Hyogo Human Care College based on the philosophy of enhancing dignity and joy of life, learned from the experience of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake.